26 Sep

Cultural hybridization is the blending of elements from different cultures. I feel that without cultural hybridization, the world we live in would not be anywhere near as interesting and integrated as it is today. The phrase “spanglish” is a language that combines the language of spanish and english. Thus bringing the two cultures closer together. In canada, they speak english as well as french. In one country, two languages are the main language; that is an example of cultural hybridization. Some African countries speak french and mix it in with their native language, creating something new. Language is just one example of cultural hybridization. Music is another part of culture that can be mixed with other cultures. Sometimes, people will take U.S. pop music and create something new from it in Korea. Artists like Shakira and J.LO will incorporate spanish into their American songs to bring a little bit of diversity to America.

One of my friends comes from a family who celebrates both Christmas and Chanukah. They have christmas trees along with Menorahs. They sing Christmas songs while they sing Chanukah songs. The mixing of these two religions in one household stands for a perfect example of cultural hybridization. Another one of my friends comes from a family where both of her parents are purely Jewish and she only celebrates Chanukah. In her house during Chanukah, they always have a “Chanukah Bush”. They mixed the tradition of having a Christmas tree with their religion of Chanukah to make it a fun experience for the whole family.

Three popular films here in the U.S. are “Crouching Tiger”, “Hidden Dragon”, and “Mulan”. These three films were originally adapted from China. When they were screened in the U.S. and became popular, Americans got a feel of the different cultures that exist in China. This created a cultural diffusion of American cultures and Chinese cultures.

All in all, when it comes down to an example of cultural hybridization, the best example I could possibly think of is America. Known as the world’s biggest “melting pot”, America has a variety of different cultures living within a couple of feet of each other. Languages, traditions, religions, race are constantly different whenever you turn a street corner. Cultural hybridization is everywhere.

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